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Granite is categorized as a calcareous stone. It is written mainly of calcium carbonate (just like pearls and shells ). However, as Calcium Carbonate is sensitive to acidic solutions, any splash of lemon juice or other acidic spill will leave a subtle mark.
That’s why we will need to warn you: do not, by any means, use vinegar on marble.
So, how do you wash your marble countertops?
Take a bowl and mix warm water and gentle dish soap (be sure that it doesn’t contain any kind of acid). Fill a spray bottle with it, and spray the counter lightly.
Even the glasses and cups that have an acidic solution can permeate its content to your own marble and damage it. So, use coasters all the time.
Marble everywhere!
If your marble is not on the kitchen countertops, but on your floors, you might want mop as frequently as possible. Remember to use a clean rag. If you use a solution, go for one that is mainly alkaline.
If you prefer to vacuum, make sure that every part of your vacuum is in good shape to be able to prevent scratching the surface of the floor.
You can also use rugs and mats to minimize the number of dirt and dust in your floors, because they may scratch the rock.
Spill Emergencies
You can say: yes, well, my marble is sealed. This is a terrific thing to have! But having a sealed marble doesn’t mean that it is incorruptible, it merely makes it more resistant.
So, when an accident happens and you have an ugly stain in your stone, identifying the type of stain is the key to removing it.
Organic: A coffee, tea, wine and similar type of stains may cause a pinkish-brown stain. If your marble is in outdoors, time, rain and sun will eliminate it, if the instance is inside your house, clean with 12% hydrogen peroxide and a couple of drops of ammonia.
Ink/paint: Use hydrogen peroxide for clear colored stones. For dark colored ones, clean with lacquer thinner or acetone.
Water Spots and Rings: Hard water can collect and blot your marble. Buff with dry 0000 steel wool and your floor or countertop will be as good as new!
I have no stains, but scratches!

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