Irish Dog Breeds

Did you know that the Irish are also famous for their magnificent dog breeds?

Listed below are a few breeds which arise in the great island of Ireland and a few neat facts about them:

* Glen of Imaal Terrier: Though this specific breed makes a terrific companion dog, they can readily be trained to hunt badgers, foxes and even mice. This breed makes a perfect family pet but can be stubborn and aggressive sometimes.

She’s intelligent, courageous and athletic – all ideal features for a field dog.

Makes a perfect hunting dog as he is easily able to adapt to many different climates and terrain.

Pam Talley’s BARF dog, Clancy, was a stunning Irish Setter. The Irish Setter breed is famous for it’s different solid red coat.

* Irish Terrier: This strain is more than two million years old and a near relative to the wirehaired fox terrier. Nicknamed the “little daredevil” this breed is known for her outstanding courage and is usually trained to search, retrieve and even relay messages through times of war.

Unfortunately his curly coat is a couple to maintain but when done correctly makes for a magnificent looking puppy.

* Irish Wolfhound: Originally used to hunt wolves from the Celtics, this strain was afterwards brought to Ireland from the Romans where it had been affected by the Great Dane and deerhound breeds. Makes a superb companion dog though he does have a tendency to prefer a single master. Well suited as a hunting dog or guard dog but does require a whole lot of room to run.

As you can see from the image above, the Irish Wolfhound is a large breed puppy reaching heights of 31-35 inches and weighing more than 119 pounds.

* Kerry Beagle: One of the earliest native Irish strains, the Kerry beagle is regarded as a descendant of the Celtic Hound. The Kerry beagle is widely used for hunting and odor monitoring though she makes a superb pet. 1 aspect to consider is that she needs Cost of Raccoon Trapping, constant exercise – routine walks two to three times a day is vital.

The Kerry blue is now the emblem of Ireland. Even though somewhat stubborn, this strain is trainable to be a faithful part of the family.

Decision Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: A strong yet stylish dog, the soft-coated wheaten terrier is regarded as a truly versatile dog and can be employed as a guard dog, herding dog, and hunting dog. Fully adaptable, he’s happy indoors or outside and makes a wonderful family companion.

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier weighs about 35 pounds. And famous for his thick, soft, wheat coloured coat.

As you can see, Ireland is blessed with so many breeds of dogs it would be tough to pick a favorite. It is quite amazing that the Irish have so many distinct kinds of dogs on such a little island, all with diverse personalities, uses and characteristics. Of course that the Irish are these great dog fans!

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