Do You Have Nyfitsaphobia?

I have been there. The mouse was not any larger than my hands, however for some reason it disturbs the hell out of me. But there’s something which you can begin using now for the better of your own fear.

In many instances a compulsive fear of rats or mice is a stimulated conditioned response, combined with (and originated in) the startle reaction (an answer to an unexpected stimulus) that is common in many animals, including humans

It’s not deemed a true disorder. Yet that will not help you in the event you fear rats and mice!

I believe much of our anxieties can result from history. Certainly in Europe we have all learnt about the Black Death. That rats and rats carry death and disease. With EFT you can easily master this psychological fear.

Despite the fact that I feel all mice carry death and disease… Even though I believe I will die because I have rats in my house…

Often something will occur to you, which will let you have a substantial emotional reaction to rats and mice.

1 thing I remember was the movie, The Secret of Nimh. That was enough to make me concealed and despise vermin full stop. As a kid you just learn things from your parents, television and the movies without even being aware of it. However you experience your anxiety and with what degree of intensity, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Daytona Beach, FL Squirrel Control Services can help you.

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